Cabi – Past & Now


Being a “cabi’’ can be a great life. It is certainly variable. But the public perception has not been that good for many years. We aim to change that.

Every driver can tell you an engaging story, be it an insight into his/her view of the world, danger of night time work, confrontation with drunk and disorderly people, loneliness when it is quiet.

Yet it is not always like this. The “cabi’’ loves meeting people, many of which come from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. The ‘’cabi’’ is generally quite open and honest and some of the things he/she sees can be quite bewildering and eye opening. How many of you know that Pentridge prisoners were quite often transferred in taxis between jail and St Vincent’s Hospital for medical assistance? Have you ever driven inside those big gates and had guards all over and under your car before jumping into your car with their guns at the ready to look after the prisoner? Talk about feeling nervous.

Your Cabi has usually collated a lot of information from every one he/she meets on most aspects of tourism, hospitality, leisure, recreation, sport, politics, religion and culture.

So remember your Cabi is generally informed, honest and hard-working, can be from any background or adult age group and is providing you a service.

The industry is changing mainly because government incompetence in Victoria has brought the industry to its knees and will be using the new industry to raise money for itself. It is getting rid of our iconic yellow taxis and crushing many services.

So now it’s up to us, your old fashioned Cabi to show the new drivers how it is done, to present to the public a better service to all persons and to show you some real quality through good old fashioned service. We ask you to let us show you a better quality service as we take you from point to point while you better appreciate the day to day contributions our drivers will make in connecting you to your business partners, your community and your families.

Welcome to RIDE SHARE VICTORIA where you will be driven safely as our focus is always going to be that your safety is our number one priority.

If you want good old fashioned service, then use one of our recommended companies.